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Connr Fields Brewing

Conner Fields Brewing is a small artisan brewery in Southern Oregon's Applegate Valley. The brewery prides itself on creating the highest quality ales and lagers using locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. The small-batch American and Belgian style beers strive to be complex, yet approachable and refreshing.

Conner Fields relies on a regular rotating line up of its roster, however, unique and seasonal batches join the list with special releases. Some of these include:

Robot Small – Rice lager. A refreshing a unique light lager with a predominant lemon-citrus aroma and flavor from the dry hopped Japanese varietal hop used. 5.2% ABV – 20.8 IBU

Dry Stout – Session Stout. This ale is a classic in its approach. Light body, slight acidity, and bittering hops balance a roasted and complex grain bill. 5.9% ABV – 30.3 IBU

Afterglow – Dry hopped Pale Ale. This pale ale has a light body allowing a neutral platform for the heavily dry hopped flavor and aroma to shine through. 5.7% ABV – 35 IBU

Bankrupt State – California Common. A pre-prohibition American style lager. This Beer is comprised with a complex grain bill and gently balanced with bittering and late addition hops. 5.2% ABV – 32.6 IBU

Land Lover – American Brown Ale. Notes of chocolate and roasted malts combine with plenty of late kettle hops to create a enjoyable brown. 5.2% ABV – 36 IBU

Gold Coast – Ginger Saison. This farmhouse ale relies on a heavy dose of ginger, brown sugar, and citrus flavored hops. Being fermented with a saison yeast produces a further dose of spice and fruit flavors to balance off this refreshing beer. 5.5% ABV – 13.1 IBU

Shark Attack – IPA. One of our dry hopped IPA's. This beer is relies on a lighter body and plenty of hops on the hot and cold side to bring out its tropical notes. 6.7% ABV – 60.5 IBU

Zin Saison – Saison. This seasonal release is brewed each Fall with the annual grape harvest in the Applegate Valley. A unique hybrid ale, it is fermented with our farmhouse ale strain along with 40% of the fermentables coming from local Zinfandel grapes added to the kettle. 5.6% ABV – 17.1 IBU

Frank Lloyd Rye – Rye IPA. This IPA has a backbone of rye malt to add a slight spice along with a classic hop profile. 7.0% ABV – 65.4 IBU

Cream Lager – Session ale. A clean and simple grain bill accompanies a low hop profile. This light lager is refreshing but allows a hint of grain to shine through. 5.1% ABV – 16.2 IBU

Eric – Smoked Porter. This ale is brewed with just a touch of Beechwood smoked malt to round out the flavor of the roasted grain bill and bittering hops. It is a balance of flavor. 5.2% ABV – 27.9 IBU

Second Nature – Saison. A classic. A simple grain bill and low on hop bitterness. This ale is extremely refreshing and pairs well with a variety of cuisines. 6.4% ABV – 22 IBU

Green Leafer – IPA. A simple grain bill with balanced hop bitterness. 6.2% ABV – 72.2 IBU

Slumber Jack – Rye Lager. This steam style lager contains a large percentage of rye and crystal malts which balances some spicy notes along with classic northwest hops. 6.2% ABV – 28.2 IBU

APA – Pale Ale. A classic pale ale with a simple grain bill and balanced hop bitterness. 5.5% ABV – 38.6 IBU

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